$30 Root Colour!

Can’t afford to get your roots done every 4-6 weeks?

Say No More!!! We have you covered!

For full root coverage (does NOT apply to highlights/balayage) we offer a 10-minute colour for only $30! How it works:

  • Application 10 mins
  • Process 10 mins – Great for clients on time limits!
  • $30 for JUST colour (does not include a blow dry and style).
    • If you want a blow dry & style, make sure to say so when booking so that we book in the time! Blow dry & Style: $25+ depending on length of hair.
  • Why it is only $30?
    • Uses less colour, only 20 grams.
  • We colour the part line, around the hairline, and the top half of the head.
  • We do NOT colour in the back underneath (where you wouldn’t see it anyway).
  • Can you tell it’s only partially covered?
    • NO!

See Photo Below … bottom right photo is example of what does not get covered!

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