Beauty Organization Ideas You’ll Love

Every makeup lover knows just how difficult it can be to keep all of your products organized. If you’re a disorganized person by nature, it’s even harder: Why spend hours sorting lipsticks by color when you could just toss them all into a drawer? We feel your pain, which is why we put together these super simple beauty product organization ideas to keep your stash looking orderly rather than like a hoarding situation.

  • A simple—read: inexpensive—clear storage box is the perfect way to keep your prettiest products on display. We don’t prioritize packaging over product quality, but good looks certainly contribute to our desire to keep them in reach.
  • You paid good money for that fancy candle, so don’t let the gorgeous glass go to waste. Repurpose a spent candle by using it to hold eyeliners or makeup brushes. Add multicolored glass rocks for a decorative touch.
  • Looking for ways to recycle your Mason jars leftover from jams or sauces? Fill them with beads or coffee beans and use them to prop up your favorite brushes.
  • Just because they’re called magazine holders doesn’t mean they can only be used to hold magazines. Use them to store your hair tools, like flat irons and round brushes, so they’re well-organized and easy to grab when you need ‘em.
  • Give a basic white ice cube tray a second chance at life by using each slot to hold a colorful eyeshadow.

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