HotHeads Extensions

HotHeads Tape-In Extensions

Extensions are not just for long hair….

  • Extensions can be to add volume, for those concerned with their thin hair.
  • Extensions can be to switch up a hairstyle if your impatient Ex: undercuts.
  • Extensions can also be for short hair!

This guest has fine hair, and the hair around the face is on the thinner side. To fill the hole we used just a couple extensions to connect the haircut!

This guest had hair to her shoulders, a fine texture and thinner than she would like. We added 2 packs of extensions to gain 1-2” of length, but more so for volume! Her natural hair does not hold a curl well, but with the tape ins, she doesn’t have to worry because with the thicker texture her style will last!

This guest wanted length and volume! 2 packs of HotHeads extensions added volume and about 4-5” of length!

How Do Tape-Ins Work??

  • HotHeads are designed to act just like your own hair!
  • You wash and blow dry your hair with them in.
  • You sleep with them in, they are designed for long term you keep them in for 4-6 weeks at a time or longer depending on how fast your hair grows.
  • They are taped in at your root, so they grow with your hair.
  • After your hair has grown 3/4”-1” we remove them professionally and move them back up to your root.

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