Lipstick Lover’s Biggest Problems, Solved!

A girl can never have too many shades of lipstick. But as avid lipstick lovers, we understand the challenges that can come with rocking that bright, dark or nude pout. Rather than accept these common problems, we want to fix them. Here are our solutions to the top lipstick woes.


  1. Problem: Lipstick on the Teeth

    Solution: Nothing kills a lipstick high like that universal gesture from a friend (or worse, a stranger). You know the one — lips bared, they slyly point their finger at their teeth to let you know you have lipstick smeared all over your pearly whites. To spare yourself this embarrassment, try this little trick: After applying your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around the finger. This should get rid of any lipstick hiding on the inner part of the lips before it makes its way to your pearly whites.

  2. Problem: Fading Color

    Solution: Lipstick is meant to be seen, but sometimes its time in the spotlight fades all too quickly. Swipe on some lip balm prior to lipstick application. Then, apply a lip liner of the same or nearly the same color as your lipstick and fill in the lips a bit with the pencil to give your pout a base color. Finish off with lipstick and your lips will be ready for their closeup all day!

  3. Problem: Lipstick-Stained Clothes.

    Solution: Lipstick belongs on your lips and nowhere else. Period. The thing that is so frustrating about lipstick on your clothes is that it’s a serious pain in the you-know-what to remove. If your fave coral lipstick somehow finds its way onto your shirt collar or sleeve, follow these simple steps. First, apply a stain-lifting solvent on the back of the stain (flip your clothing inside out). Press the stain with a white paper or cloth towel to push the solution into the stain. Discard the towel and rinse the stain. Then, launder the clothing as usual. For those emergency moments when you get a stain while on the go, invest in a travel-friendly stain remover to nix those stains or at least subside the damage until you get home.

  4. Problem: Lifeless Color

    Solution: Sometimes the vibrancy of our dream lipstick doesn’t seem to translate to our lips. This can be due to your lips’ natural pigment and is totally not your fault. Don’t give up on your dream to rock that tangerine dream shade! Dab some concealer or foundation on your lips to neutralize them and allow for a workable canvas, and then go ahead and swipe on that shade.


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