Make Up Brushes You Didn’t Know you Needed!

One of the most important things to remember about makeup is to blend, blend, blend, and when in doubt, blend some more! The tools that make this easy and fun are makeup brushes, but knowing which ones to use are key.

  1. The Mini Eye Shader Brush: This is the perfect tool to apply highlighting shadow on the lid without ruining a smoky eye. The small size allows you to place shadow in all the right places without mess. Try MUD’s Brush #300. brush300
  2. The Small Round Eye Contour Brush: This is the perfect sized brush to apply and blend dark eyeshadow when creating a smoky eye. By placing the shadow in the crease with a small brush, blending is easier and less messy. Try MUD’s Brush #810.                                                                                  brush810
  3. The Angled Liner Brush: Ever wonder how makeup artists get that perfectly shaped wing tip liner? It’s all in the angled brush. This tool is perfect for applying and blending eyeliner and it can help you shape the sometimes hard-to-master cat eye. Try MUD’s Brush #210.                                                             brush210
  4. The Mascara Brush: using a make up brush to apply mascara can help you avoid clumpy, stuck together lashes! To use the brush, needs to be squeezed out onto a flat surface (a palette or the back of your hand) so a squeezable tube is a must. Try MUD’s Brush #500 and MUD’s Volumizing Mascara.    brush500mud_mascara

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