Make Up Steps You’re Skipping and Shouldn’t Be!

It can certainly be easy to get caught up in a time crunch during your morning routine and start cutting corners. Over time, you’ll definitely be ready faster in the morning. Which little steps only add 20-30 seconds to your morning routine, but make a big difference in your look? Is it worth an extra minute to make your eyes pop more, or another 30 seconds to add concealer to look more awake?

  1. Fill in Your Brows: Have you ever heard of a makeup artist call eyebrows the “frame for your eyes”? It’s amazing how much of a difference great eyebrows can make! Fill in brows with a pencil, powder and brush or a brow mousse. Try: Blinc Eyebrow mascara in a variety of colors or a MUD eyeshadow with an angled liner brush.                                                                blonc mousse307
  2. Don’t overconceal, color correct! For small areas, it’s a good idea to use a color corrector instead of piling on more concealer. You’ll be able to counteract your red blemish or brighten up an under eye circle, resulting in a more natural look. Try: for undereye circles, use MUD’s Blue Corrector or MUD’s Red Corrector for red spots.                                                      mud_corrector
  3. Use Eye Cream: Prepping your eye area with eye cream before makeup can make your concealer application much smoother. You’ll look more awake and younger since your concealer will be smoother without any creasing. Wait a minute or two for it to completely sink in before you start applying makeup. Try: Yonka’s Phyto-Contour to combat puffiness. phytocontour
  4. Blend Your Shadow: Shadow that isn’t well blended is probably the number one pet peeve of most makeup artists. Take a few seconds to sweep a large blending brush over your shadow. You’ll want to eliminate any harsh lines between shade transitions, but don’t overdo it! Try: MUD’s Brush #800. brush800
  5. Blot Your Foundation: No matter how you apply your foundation, if it is a cream or liquid, you’ve applied more product to your face than you need. You’ll depend on some of it to evaporate away and leave behind the pigment from your foundation. After you’ve applied your foundation, wait a few minutes and then lightly blot your foundation with a make up sponge or beauty blender. You’ll be amazed at how much liquid comes away, but what you leave behind will look more natural and will last longer! Try: MUD make up sponges. mud_sponges

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