Unicorn / Mermaid Hair

Rituals uses Aveda colour, but we also carry some Manic Panic, Joico Color Intensity, and Pravana to get those really vibrant colours! We can do pastel hair, or vibrant colours using any of the colour lines.

Hair by Kirsten

Hair by Kirsten

Things to remember when doing fun colours:

  • They will fade out! How fast? Depends on your hair. Depends how healthy or damaged the cuticle is. Depends on how often you are washing your hair and the products you are using, as well as how often you are heat styling.
  • SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOOS Please! Anything else will strip out the colour. Head and shoulders being the worst. We recommend from Aveda, Damage Remedy or Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner.  In Color Proof, all types of shampoos and conditioners are sulphate free , paraben free,and gluten free.
  • Heat styling- curling and flat ironing will strip the colour out as well, turn down the heat, and ALWAYS use a heat protectant! We recommend our Brillant Damage Control to protect hair from thermal and UV damage.
  • PASTEL COLOURS- Fade out the fastest, because the have very little pigment in the colour.
  • using a color pigmented conditioner can help
  • You can also book an color toner only appointment to refresh the pigments and it will be a shorter service and priced according to how much color is used and time.  You can skip the blow dry and head home.  Talk to one of our colorists about it.
  • Price:
  • These colours shown above involve a double-process.
  • Double process means the hair has to be lightened first (bleached), washed, blow dried, and then the final color on. The final colour has to process, be washed and blow dried again.
  • This means a long appointment, at least 3hours, and more product being used
  • Base price for a double process application would be $160+ that is without a haircut.
  • Base price for a refresh color toner would range from $25.00 and up.

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