Back to School Bags and Purses

We have a large variety of durable, fashionable back to school totes. Styles include larger bags that can hold laptops or notebooks, cross body bags and cute, bright wallets. All bags and wallets are now 45% off!!

U.S.E.D. Bags: This Canadian brand recycles car seatbelts and refurbishes them into trendy, durable bags that come in several shapes and sizes. The bags reduce our environmental impact while creating fun and fashionable products that you’ll love to use everyday.

used bag

Mosey: The Mosey Life brand is all about lightening their environmental footprint. The primary textile used is called PET fabric and it is derived from type “#1” recyclable plastic. The main source of this plastic is everyday water and beverage bottles – one of the world’s most common types of consumer packaging. Mosey is very picky about the metal components & plating processes used to create the proprietary hardware – in fact, every metal part on the bags has been custom-made to exact specifications.

mosey bag

ESPE: Dreamt up in 2004 by a team of creative women in Toronto, ESPE debuted its first collection of handbags and wallets in spring 2005. Each ESPE product is designed using an array of innovative fabrics and materials, a blend of artistic styles and polished talents to produce unconventional everyday wallets and bags. The 100% cruelty-free and animal-friendly products are made from polyurethane – a durable, synthetic leather – so that toxins from leather tanning aren’t released into the environment.

espe wallets


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