Why get your gel nails or manicures with Rituals?

Another reminder of what is happening out in the market in Winnipeg in the area of nails . Please read this newest report from CBC


At rituals in hair and skin we use the highest of quality of  polishes and gel products on you.

We use China Glaze and Vinylux , both formaldehyde free and for our Gels , we use LCN gels system, which has no aroma, and we use the real products( we do not fill the bottles with something else and call it a gel product)  !  No Acrylics at all.

If there is a strong aroma in the place you go to, then they are not using real gel products!

We  hire licenced estheticians and nail technicians , or apprentices that are registered with the province.

We keep things clean and sanitized as well. We do not reuse the tools on you , give you the file and the buffer to take home.

Please take care when going to some places and ask some questions when your not sure of what you are getting and do not feel comfortable with your service or service provider.

And thank you to all of our clients that support us and believe in what we do and how we do it!



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