Feature in Style Manitoba Magazine

This past Style Manitoba Winter 2016 Kristina was featured.

Seeing red!
Red heads are so wonderfully rich and when done right , maintained well, so beautiful !
The trick with maintaining reds is in the approach of the colorist ,a maintenance program the client  needs to follow diligently , and the proper maintenance products for home.
Tiffany is a fiery red head and with her color we used a low volume developer in her color formula, added extra tone with with concentrates, pure pigments , used permanent color on her retouch of the new growth and demi- permanent color on her ends.  To give the color dimension, we weaved in a rich golden and copper
hi-lite into the color  , which gives it extra warmth and interest.
To maintain this type of color, you need to use color treated shampoos and conditioners, a color conditioner is a very good idea, and washing the hair less will help with fading the color faster.  Also when thermal styling using a heat styling  product to protect the hair from fading, using a lower temperature with your heat styling tools and sealing the hair with leave conditioners and hair sealers.

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