Want Silver Hair?

*****S I L V E R   H A I R******

So you want silver hair?! Things to consider:

  • COST
  • TIME


    hair cut & color by Kirsten



COST – Depends on length of hair, amount of hair, and current colour of hair. Starting at $165+ If you are already very blonde it will take less time and cost less than someone with brown/black hair.

TIME – Prepare yourself for at least a 3hr session or longer. *Exception a client who is already platinum and wants only a silver toner*

HAIR INTEGRITY – If your hair is currently dark brown, or black it will take about 3 sessions to get to this colour. Trying to do it in one session will result in a lot of hair breakage. Taking care of your hair in between sessions is very important! If you use a lot of heat and no products, this will result in more breakage with bleaching than if you take better care.

We suggest to use a color treated shampoos and conditioners, such as Color Conserve from Aveda , or a Color Proof  product to suit your hair, both lines will have something to make sure your investment is well maintained and will reduce fading as quickly.

HOME CARE – Less heat the better. Let your hair air dry as much as possible. Do masks once a week. ALWAYS use a heat protectant  even with blow-drying. Try to not wash your hair everyday & use natural shampoos and conditioners, preferably for color treated hair or sulphate free.

For a great heat protectant/conditioner/repair , we suggest from Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Repair , Smooth Infusion Style Prep, Brillant Damage Control , and for masks Smooth Infusion, Sun care, or Remedy Masks.  From Color Proof , Signature Blonde Restorative Filler, Moisture or Crazy Smooth Anti Frizz Treatment.

HOW MANY SESSIONS – The lighter your hair is when we start the sooner you will be silver. If your hair is currently black, it will be a long process and 3+ sessions. If your hair is a light brown ~2-3 sessions. A consultation is a great way to discuss the vision that you have for your hair , what is possible to achieve, how many sessions it will take and what to budget to achieve your goal.



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