5 Make Up Tips to Help You Look Younger

Time: there’s never enough of it when we need it, yet it somehow shows up as another candle on our birthday cake or wrinkle on our forehead much faster than it should. While there’s nothing as inspiring as a woman aging gracefully, we also think there’s something to be said for employing sneaky and simple tricks that turn back the hands of time. Here are a few beauty tips to help you feel (and look) like the young thing you are.

1. Cover with Liquid
Since dark spots and under eye circles don’t exactly scream, “fountain of youth,” covering them with concealer can take years off your complexion. Unfortunately it can also age you if you reach for the wrong product. It may seem counter-intuitive, but piling on too much of a thick product can actually draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, opt for a sheer, hydrating liquid concealer and cover up with a light touch. Try MUD’s Cream Foundation mixed with their face primer for a liquid consistency. 46848


2. Amp Up Your Brows
Because brows tend to thin out with age, filling them in is a quick way to shave off the years. Not sure how to thicken yours up? Check out this guide to fuller brows in 60 seconds. Try Blinc’s Eyebrow mousse to control your brows and add some extra color. brow mousse

3. Open Your Eyes
If you feel your eyelids getting a little heavier than you’d like, open them up with two miracle-working products: an eyelash curler and white (or nude) eyeliner. Curling your lashes will instantly open up your eye, and a touch of white liner in the inner corner of your eye, and along the waterline, creates the illusion of a bright, wide awake eyes. Try MUD’s heated eyelash curler.                                                                                  Lash_Curler_web_1

 4. Get Rosy
Flushed, rosy cheeks are an eternal sign of vitality and youth, so add a touch of color to your face with a dab of cream blush on the apples of your cheek. The creamy consistency will sit beautifully on your skin without sinking into fine lines. Try MUD’s cream blushes in Sweet Cheeks, Tulip, and Sun Rose.                    sweet cheeks

5. Put Down the Powder

Just like caked-on concealer, powder has a tendency to settle into fine lines and creases, making you look older. Instead, swap your powder for a luminescent highlighter for a dewy, youthful complexion. If you need to set your makeup with powder choose a loose translucent option and avoid the eye area altogether. Try MUD’s loose powder in Zero for a translucent finish.                                                              zero

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