Best Feet Forward

Everyone can benefit from the advantages of a pedicure: Men women, and especially if you have health issues like diabetes. Foot infections send 2.3 million Canadians to the hospital and about 345,000 of them will develop foot ulcers. People affected by diabetes are also less likely to feel a tiny crack or wound on their feet due to possible nerve damage (also known as diabetes peripheral neuropathy).

To help prevent future foot issues, everyone should follow these straightforward foot care tips:

  • Check feet everyday for changes and signs of injury: if you aren’t able to do this yourself, ask a family member or friend to help you out. Look for redness, swelling, cuts or sores on tops and bottoms of feet and between toes. Also check for swelling in one foot and not the other. If you find any serious foot issues, talk to your doctor or foot care specialist.


  • Pamper your feet using a foot care kit: wash your feet regularly in warm water and dry them, especially between toes. Trim toenails as needed, but not too short otherwise an ingrown toenail may result. Moisturize feet to prevent cracks, but don’t rub cream between toes, as this can promote a fungal growth.


  • Wear properly fitted shoes: find shoes that are supportive, don’t have a heel more than 5cm high and do not pinch or rub. When trying on shoes, check how they fit in the width, length, back, bottom of heel and sole. Try to shop for shoes in the late afternoon when your feet are more likely to be a little more swollen. TIP: if you exercise regularly or have a foot problem, you may want to invest in orthopedic shoes.


  • Don’t go barefoot outside: the green grass or smooth beach sand invite a barefoot stroll, but don’t leave your feet unprotected. For people with diabetes, even the tiniest pebble can get wedged in your foot and cause future issues with your feet.

If you have diabetes, do not use over the counter medications or blades to treat or cut corns, calluses, warts or ingrown toenails. You should visit your doctor at least once a year to have your feet inspected for conditions and tested for signs of nerve loss.

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