Changes for 2014!

Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of product, Rituals will be increasing the price of our LCN gel nail service. All gel sets performed at Rituals use nails forms to create a sculpted tip. This allows the gel nails to look more natural and act as a base for your customizable nail shape. Sculpted nails avoid using any damaging types of glue and are less abrasive on your nails than adding tips. Learn more about LCN gel nails here:

The updated prices are as follows:

  • Full Set (Basic): a clear sculpted set to be used as a base for a colored gel set (color will be an add on cost) or can be left clear to add strength and length to the natural nail.  $65.00
  • Full Set (White French): a new set using a white sculpting gel to create the white free edge, adding length. $70.00
  • Basic Nail Fill: the same as the full set, but to be performed when your current gels have grown out and need to be re-done. Color can be added for an extra charge. $45.00
  • White French Nail Fill: the same as the basic fill, but the tips don’t need to be sculpted again. $50.00
  • Color Add On: clear gel nails can be painted a variety of colors using LCN color gel, CND Shellac or China Glaze polish. This includes a full color or colored French tips. $15.00 added to a basic gel set.
  • Nail Art: embellishments, glitter and hand drawn art can be added to a basic set with or without color and a French set.     $2.00 per nail.
  •  Gel Removal: if you decide you no longer need your gel nails, they will need to be removed by filing them down. Your nail artist will file away the majority of the gel, but leave a thin layer that will grow out with your natural nail. $25.00
  • Gel Repair: nail maintenance between gel fill appointments. $5.00 per nail.

We also offer a series of gel fills (5 in total) with a savings of $25.00 per packages. Prices vary based on the type of fill that is performed.

If you have any questions about our changes or about our gel nail services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (204) 452-1182.


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