Help Your Gel Manicure Last Longer!

Gel manicures are the dopest, amiright? First of all, let’s talk about how they are immediately dry which means you can fumble around in your purse for your keys without smudging! And you can get cool nail art without worrying that all the hard work will chip within days.


If you’re trying to stretch out your gel polish for longer than 2 weeks, your nails will grow and you get that line of bare nail at the base. Maybe if you do light pink it’s not such a big deal, but if you have designs or a bright color, it can look a bit off. The easy solution is to get a nail art design that looks good even as it grows out. Ombré with a clear base will work, or the of-the-moment negative space half moons. Anything that has clear or nude polish at the base is what you want.


But you can’t just set it and forget it. Neglected cuticles are not cute, so keep them from getting straggly with daily care. CND Solar oil is incredible; it has jojoba and vitamin e oils that will soften rough cuticles. You can never apply too often, so I would suggest for guests to apply it at least twice a day

Julie Kandalec, Creative Director of Paintbox also offers this insider tip: “Put cuticle oil under the free edge, not just on the cuticle. It helps keep the natural nail underneath flexible and hydrated to prevent the gel from chipping off.”


Follow these tips for your at-home mani, too. And if you need to up the ante on your DIY designs, try incorporating Jamberry nail wraps as an accent nail or cut into a cute shape for added flair! For removal of your gel manicure, we offer an at home kit that includes acetone and foil removal pads for only $15.00. Or skip the hassle and have one of our nail artists remove them in 15 minutes for only $5.00! (gel polish only).


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