Hacks for Remembering to Remove Your Make Up at Night

To clarify, we know you remember to remove your makeup after a long day, but sometimes mustering up the energy to go through your whole nighttime routine is the painstaking part … especially after an even longer night. We’ll just keep saying it time and time again, you need to remove it ALL — no excuses! And thanks to these friendly skin-saving reminders, your face will stay pretty and pimple-free.

1. Sticky notes on your vanity mirror. Find a Sharpie and get to scribbling! Try writing your skin little love notes to remind you how important it is to wash your face no matter how late it is or how tired you are. Try messages like,Want your skin to stay this clear? Then wash it!” or “Two-minutes a day keeps the acne away.”

2. Cleansing towelettes on your nightstand. While there’s no comparison to giving your skin a full-on facial cleanse, wiping your makeup off with wet towelettes like MUD’s Make up Remover towelettes will do the trick for those extra lazy nights.

3. Set an alarm … (or a few) for your face! Add quirky notes that say every time you hit snooze, a new wrinkle appears! If that doesn’t get you up, number four sure will.

4. Picture what you’ll look like in the morning if you don’t. Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly a reminder, but it sure will make you want to get your butt back out of bed to go give your skin a good scrub. You don’t want to wake up to a surprise zit or even scarier, premature aging (yikes!) if ditching the nightly cleanse becomes a regular habit.


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