How to Maintain Your New Haircolor

You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve taken the plunge and gotten a new color. All that’s left is maintenance. OK, maybe it seems like the hard part is just beginning, but never fear we’re here to arm you with the tips you need to keep your new color vibrant and true. It’s easier than you might think.


  • Know Your Foes: In the struggle to maintain your hair color there are plenty of adversaries to face. Everything from frequent shampoos and heat styling to environmental factors like pollution and sun can cause color treated locks to lose their luster. And, of course, salt water and chlorinated pools go straight to the top of the proceed with caution list. But you don’t have to throw in the towel and become a hermit just yet.  Focus on protects that protect against UV damage and have a built in heat protectant.                                       av_A1KC_254straight
  • Pledge Your Allegiance to Proper Hair Care: the best way to fight color fade is to give your strands extra TLC. To help prevent fading, use mild color-compatible shampoo and conditioner which cleanse hair without stripping, fading or dulling color. Some also contain UV filters that keep color truer longer. Try Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner and use a deep conditioner at least once a week.                              av_AV0177_254
  • Be Prepared: Reapplication may be required every three to four weeks to preserve your desired shade. To cut down of always being at the salon, try a color enhancing conditioner to use once a week. Using the conditioner can prolong your salon visits. Try CHI’s Tone & Shine conditioner or Aveda’s line of color shampoo and conditioners.                              chi-organics-tone-shine-416x416

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