Make Up Tips for Girls with Glasses

If you tend to relegate your eyeglasses to those frumpy, “I-can’t-even-deal days,” we’re here to challenge you to change your perspective on specs. Worn with makeup that complements (not competes with) your frames, eye glasses can be one of the most flattering—and stylish—accessories at your disposal. Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when sporting your pair.

1. Focus on the Eyes

You may think that because glasses draw attention to your eyes, you don’t need eye makeup, but the opposite is true. We’d encourage you to play up your eyes even more than normal, to make the most of the eye-framing effect your glasses have. So go for thatbold cat eye you’ve been dreaming about, perfect your eye shadow application, and enjoy all the extra attention on your gorgeous peepers.


2. Remember Your Brows

Depending on the style of your frames, glasses can also put your brows on display, so be sure to give them a little extra TLC. Blinc’s eyebrow mousse (in a variety of shades) is a quick and easy way to color and control your brows all day. 

brow mousse


3. Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

Glasses cast a shadow, so it’s even more important than usual to cover under eye circles with a non-creasing concealer.Try the MUD Blue Corrector and treat puffiness at night with Yonka’s Phyto-Contour.

blue correctorphytocontour

4. Ditch the Indents

If your glasses leave you with indents and marks in your foundation, swap out your liquid foundation for a mineral powder option—like MUD Dual Pressed Mineral Powder (can be used wet or dry, depending on the amount of coverage you want). The lightweight consistency will limit those pesky dents. 


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