Pedicures and Manicures – Ours are safe ,great value and awesome!!!!

What can you expect when you have a manicure or pedicure at Rituals?

The latest reports released on CBC about how other nail salons and spas approach their manicure and pedicure services just confirms for our Rituals team that our approach is cleaner, safer, meets public health standards and is our point of difference ! We  have a wonderful team to service you ,knowledgeable,well trained,  friendly , awesome positive environment, bright ,cheery , clean lines , upscale space but not up scale prices and clean space!

For more information of what the industry should not be doing and where those violations have occurred and re-occurred,  watch this latest report from CBC.

To make sure our guests are receiving the best quality services we approach our manicures and pedicures this way;

  • clean bowl, new liner for each pedicure, no pipes or plumbing attached to pedicure bowl
  • new nail file in package and buffer  that we give to the guest to take home
  • tools come in a sterilized package (sterilized with hospital grade disinfectant , sanitized in dry sanitizer for 1 hour, and individually packaged for use, all metal tools)
  • new blade for every guest when using foot razor
  • gloves used when required
  • estheticians and nail technicians are licensed and/or received training and registered with the province for the apprenticeship program 
  • friendly and knowledgeable 
  • upgrade with classes and advanced education

We encourage any guests that have experienced any of these violations to please report them to the Public Health department and issue a complaint for your own safety and the others that would use those services as well. We know this will put pressure on other businesses in  our industry to uphold standards that make sense and are safe .  We also would love to see the Province do regular inspections as they do with restaurants to fine those who pose a public health risks and repeat offenders.  Your health of your feet and hands are of our concern , and we know that many of these incidences do not get reported. 

We thank all our of our guests that have supported us over the years and have recognized our commitment to upholding a high industry standard.

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