Product We Love: Label M Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos account for a fifth of all shampoo sales and we’re not at all surprised. We have been extolling the ­virtues of the stuff for years and every client we’ve converted has been effusively grateful.

We agree that the concept isn’t the most appealing — a fragranced, powdery hairspray that you use in between washes to absorb oil and refresh the hair. But while dry shampoo is having a ­renaissance, it’s hardly a new concept. The Victorians used to sprinkle arrowroot ­powder on their hair to help absorb grease. Corn starch and oatmeal have also been used in the past.


Almost any celeb with big hair — be it Cheryl Cole, Jennifer ­Aniston or Kate Moss — has ­probably relied on dry shampoo at some point to give their hair a bit of va-va-voom volume.

Dry shampoo isn’t about skimping on washing my hair so we can hit the snooze button again (well, not most of the time anyway); it’s about ­making a blow-dry last longer. While the mid-lengths and the ends of hair can look better a day after a blow dry, sometimes the roots look a bit flat — and that’s where dry shampoo comes in.


A quick shake, a blast at the roots from 12in away, a little bit of massaging into the scalp, a brisk brushing to remove the excess, a spritz of hairspray and it’s — almost — as if you have just stepped out of a hair salon.

We have tested and tried a variety of brands and have found a winner: Label M. Label M Dry Shampoo refreshes hair in between shampooing using natural Rich Starch to disperse oil. It also works as a brilliant matt texturiser for a soft-touch,velvet finish to the hair. Shake can well and hold upright approximately 10-15cm from dry hair. This dry shampoo also comes in a Brunette formula, perfect for covering over grown roots and helping thinning hair look thicker! Label M Dry Shampoo is 10% off for the month of July!


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