The Ins and Outs of Leave in Conditioner

Don’t you just love a quick fix? Because we sure do! We have a strong appreciation for fast-acting beauty products that can produce real (and noticeable!) results. One of our absolute favorite lifesavers leaves strands feeling silky smooth in no time at all. No, it’s not a hair mask, oil treatment or a nourishing shampoo — it’s leave-in conditioner! These lightweight treatments have an infinite list of healthy hair benefits that will have you wondering why you never used one before.

  1. Healthy Hair = Happy Hair: Dry, brittle hair leaves everyone unhappy…including your hair! It’s time you give your locks some extra love by applying a leave-in treatment to damp hair for weightless moisture. The added hydration will keep breakage at bay, repair damage, protect color and prevent split ends all while enhancing natural body and shine.
  2. Frizz Freedom: Trying to prevent frizz is like trying to perfect a cat eye after having one too many cups of coffee — nearly impossible! Luckily, there’s a cure (drink less coffee… just kidding!). Applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner to wet hair will ensure a silky-smooth blowdry. You can also use it on already styled hair as a setting cream to keep frizz away all day!
  3. Dream Detangler: If getting a comb through your hair post-shower is one of your beauty dilemmas, a leave-in conditioner has got you covered! A few spritzes of this stuff will leave your strands as smooth as butter, sans the grease.
  4. Smooth Style: We love leave-ins for their healthy hair qualities, but they also help in the styling department too! They can be used to protect hair from hot-tools and ban blowdry breakage for nothing less than perfectly soft and silky strands.

Product Recommendations: 

  • Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect- $27.00
  • Aveda Brilliant Damage Control- $25.00
  • Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair- $34.00


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