Your Guide to MUD’s Color Correctors

It’s no secret that we could not survive without concealer—the cosmetic weapon that covers a multitude of sins, from late nights out to unsightly blemishes and beyond. But while we’ve always touted the benefits of our beloved concealer, we thought it was high time we delve into one of concealer’s most astonishing talents: color correction. If color correcting concealers are slightly outside of your comfort zone, don’t fret we have some helpful tips!

The Basics

Color correcting concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, and general discoloration. They’re particularly good for anyone with mild to extreme skin discoloration issues. Most slight skin discoloration issues can be managed by your foundation and concealer, but if you’re seeking perfection, a color correcting concealer under your foundation and concealer will do the trick.

Choosing the right color correcting concealer for you comes down to two things: color and consistency. Make sure you are getting the right consistency and hue for what you are looking to mask. If you have an extreme case of discoloration, you’ll need a heavier product with a more intense hue. To even out mild to moderate discoloration you’ll want a sheerer formula in a softer hue. When confused about what color to get, refer to the color wheel. Complementary colors, or opposites on the color wheel, cancel each other out. If the consistency is too heavy, thin the concealer with a make up primer.

  1. Green corrects extreme redness. Try the MUD Red Corrector to cover any redness you may have, from rosacea to pimples.      redcorrector
  2. Yellow corrects blue tones. Use the MUD Blue corrector with yellow undertones to correct dark undereye circles. blue corrector
  3. Deep Brown Corrector: MUD’s Deep Brown Corrector is a vivid orange color used to disguise brown areas in medium to dark skin tones. This corrector can also be used to cover tattoos when it’s mixed with a blue corrector. deepbrowncorr

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