Anti-Ageing naturally!!!!

Anti-ageing does not have to be done with chemicals or surgery!

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You can set back the clock on your skin by investing in skin lines that are truly effective and are plant or naturally based.  Such as Yonka from Paris!!!

Yonka products are anywhere from 85% to 100%naturally derived,  plant & essential oil based , paraben free , using the main 5 quintessences of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme.  Formulated,  manufactured , tested and distributed by Laboratories Multaler, a French family-owned company, each product comes with a promise of authenticity and rigour, dictated by the brand’s ethics and the scientists’ techniques: chemical engineers, pharmacy and biology doctors.

New to Yonka – Excellence code series Anti-aging for mature skin





New  Excellence Code Contours for Eyes & lips

  • Hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weight, konjac : wrinkle filler- smoothing – hydrating
  • Complex of white lupin and alfalfa; Persian silk tree and St Paul’s-wort : anti-puffiness – anti-dark circles – upper eyelid-lifting effect
  • Natural light-reflecting pink pigments, organic “soft focus” powder : illuminating – instant soft focus effect
  • Red algae, garden nasturtium : clear and even complexion
  • Organic thistle, vitamin A, avocado and grape seed oils, mango butter, bisabolol : repairing – soothing
  • Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E : anti-free radicals
  • Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean and guaiac wood : refreshing and calming


In the morning and evening, apply a small amount of cream to your eye and lip contour. Repeat each step 3 times using the applicator or pinky fingers



Yonka Excellence Code Global Youth Cream

Regenerates and reinforces barrier repair, nourishes, hydrates and provides improved resistance to mature skin
* Immortality herb, cistus enriched in polyphenols: Regenerating – restructuring
* Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E: anti-free radicals
* Avocado and grape seed oils, shea butter, hyaluronic acid: Nutrition – resistance – hydration
* Thistle, vitamin A: Protect skin – repairing

Plumps and redefines your skin’s contours, smooths and relaxes wrinkles
* Silicon-amino acid complex to fight against the deterioration of supporting fibers (collagen, elastin): anti-glycation
* Yeast and nutgrass extracts: firmness and «bounce»
* Complex of bamboo silica, pea extract enriched in amino acids and glucosamine: anti-wrinkle, smoothing

Improves complexion, makes it brighter and fresher

* Red algae extract: complexion is clear and even textured
* Solomon’s seal, arnica, cypress enriched in flavonoids: brightening effect
* Natural light-reflecting pink pigments: illuminates your skin

Invigorating and relaxing effects 

* Quintessence Yon-Ka (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme)
* Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean and guaiac wood.
50 ml airless jar

Apply inn the morning and evening, after cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply the cream to the face and neck.


Yonka Excellence Code Long -Life Infusion Serum -7 patents pending 


CELL-ENERGY Complex – a blend of extraordinarily powerful natural ingredients, works to reprogram the skin’s youth code*:
– a lipoamino acid boosts cellular longevity proteins (sirtuin and survivin*), restores clear communication between cells and, in this way, structures the skin, reinforcing its defense potential against assaults.
– garden nasturtium extract and D-ribose act on skin cell oxygenation and improve the radiance of the complexion,
– baicalin prolongs the vitality and youthfulness of fibroblasts (cells responsible for the skin’s firmness and suppleness) by protecting their telomeres. * Ex vivo tests on Cellular Code; in vitro and ex vivo tests on the active ingredients. 

Morning and/or evening, after cleansing and spraying with LOTION YON-KA, apply the serum (2 to 3 pumps) to the face and neck, before your usual cream. Avoid the eyes


Cellular Code Global Youth Mask


  • Sweet almond proteins, nutgrass: instant lifting effect –  firmness and bounce
  • Lemon, orange, sugar cane, maple and bilberry with AHAs (fruit acids), marine collagen: anti-wrinkle – smoothing effect – exfoliating
  • Hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, allantoin, vitamins PP and B5: hydrating – nourishing – repairing
  • Red algae: clear and even complexion
  • Vitamins A, C, E: anti-oxidizing – regenerating
  • Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean and guaiac wood essential oils, Quintessence Yon-Ka (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme essential oils)

1 to 2 times per week, after cleansing, apply the mask generously to the face and neck. Allow it to act for 15 minutes, then spray on Yon-Ka Lotion. Massage in gently then absorb the excess with a tissue.



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