At Rituals, we carry only the best products for our clients. We research them, test them and listen to your feedback before we put anything on our shelves.

The Aveda mission is “to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for the environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” – Horst Rechelbacher, founder, Aveda

We believe in that mission wholeheartedly and are proud to be part of the Aveda family of salons, carrying hair care, hair colour and face colour lines.

Hair – Aveda believes that hair is not only an accessory, but that it’s your identity. The ways we treat our hair – cut it, style it and care for it – helps communicate to others exactly who we are.

The Aveda products we carry allow your hair to be at peace, not at odds, with nature. Their lines of plant-sourced cleansers and conditioners perform powerfully – for style that is not only beautiful and original, but pure.

Face – Aveda products are always inspired by nature. We appreciate its natural beauty first and we take that inspiration for colour and make it our own. Those colours can be bold or demure, vibrant or subtle but always silky smooth. Their aromas are earthy, pure and lovely and as unique as your own body chemistry.

We Carry These Aveda Face Products

Lip Glaze: These are a dream. Semi-translucent satin glosses with an angled wand make application silky smooth. Made with a berry/lipid moisturizing complex and anti-oxidants that help protect and fruit butters and seed oils to nourish and smooth. Available in two yummy flavours – certified organic peppermint or certified organic ginger.

Lip Tint SPF 15: Looks good and good for you. The mineral-based sunscreen protects lips, while certified organic babassu and jojoba oils smooth, and avocado and mango replenish. Fruity concoctions, certified organic orange and spearmint blend with raspberry, make it hard to choose just one.

Lip Shine: Light up your lips with this wet gloss finish complete with beet root, beta-carotene and berry anti-oxidants. This line is super rich and smooth because of the certified organic oils. And, they smell amazing – infused with certified organic vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, anise, and basil flavour.

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Hair Therapy

Sometimes hair needs a little help – a little therapy if you will. The damage we often do to it, by heating it, styling it and generally not respecting it can be fixed. We use the BC Bonacure line to restore balance to hair that is damaged giving it back its shine, health and vitality.

Hair Colour

We love the Schwarzkopf colours so much that we carry the whole line:

  • Igora Royal – Permanent hair colour
  • Igora Vibrance – Demi-permanent hair colour
  • Igora Fashion – Highlighting system
  • Igora Essensity Colour – non ammonia permanent hair colour
  • Igora Blonde Me – Permanent Blonding hair colour
  • New Colour Mousse – semi permanent colour/refresher

How do you choose what’s right for you? That’s our job. Our trained stylists/colourists will guide you to the colour rituals that best suit you, your look, your aspirations, your personality and your lifestyle.

Schwarzkopf also helps us stay on top of the latest trends in colour, cutting and finishing with its Essential Looks releases. We take what we learn from them and translate it directly to you.

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