How To Stop Colouring Your Hair …

Want to stop colouring your hair, but not sure how or what to do?

  • Have you been colouring your hair a much darker colour than your natural?
  • Are you naturally white or salt and pepper?
  • Don’t want to chop off all your hair to get rid of the colour?
  • Not sure what to do?
  • Don’t want to grow it out for 5+ years?

We Can Help You!

                      What are the steps? How long does it take? How much does it cost?                     What is the end result I can expect?

  • Full head of highlights – To lift out previous colour, it will go ORANGE/YELLOW! Don’t freak out! This always happens..

like this picture —–  

  • Toner- To cancel out the orange/yellow and get as ashy/silver as we can.
  • Total Cost $200+
  • We do as much as we can in one session, one session takes 3-4hrs.
  • End result much like the photos below…


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