Kristina – Hair Artist/salon owner



“Be the change you want in the world”

– Gandhi

Kristina is a passionate woman, both in her daily life and in her profession. Rituals exists because of her many passions: for hair, for the industry, for mentoring and educating others and for making people feel good about themselves. With over 28 years experience, she believes that life long learning is the key to remaining innovative. Outside of the bustle of the salon, Kristina loves the simple things: her family, a quiet walk with her dog in the morning and a good game of golf with her husband.

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2 Responses to Kristina – Hair Artist/salon owner

  1. Petra Spletzer says:

    Hi Kristina,
    I was wondering if you could tell me the colours that you put in my hair when I came in the summer. Also, do you know of a salon that will have those same products, here in Calgary? Hopefully I can come to Winnipeg in January and book an appointment. I’ll call as soon as I know the date.

    • kpoturica says:

      Hi Petra

      Yes , I used Aveda Coloring System to tone the hi-lites, 10N + 0N (clear) and pastel V, and the lites , I used 30 vol and lightener . Your base color for the retouch was a 8N with cool undertones. Hopefully you can come in in January and we can repeat, but otherwise , look for an Aveda salon near you.